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Deceit of Treachery

Chris Dresser

Deceit of Treachery by Chris Dresser boo

After his wife’s brutal murder, a famous concert pianist escapes to South Africa.  Will the London underworld catch up with him and silence him for good? 

Marc Breton flees England to live a solitary existence in Buffalo Hills Hotel, but he meets a beautiful Spanish artist, Luiza Esterillo.  Will he find solace for his grief in the burgeoning love of this young woman?  Or will he lead her into deadly danger?

Deceit of Treachery is the second book in the Willjohn series of thriller mysteries.  Chris Dresser’s love of South Africa shines through in this story of grief, love and treachery.

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Also available in paperback, £12.99, 9781906375119


Pursuit of Treachery

Chris Dresser

Pursuit of Treachery by Chris Dresser bo

Two battling brothers – one honest, the other manipulative.  Will Ed survive his brother’s dirty tricks and marry his new love?

American Ed Willjohn decides against joining his family’s corporation and moves to South Africa to work for Premium Platinum mines, where he falls in love with the beautiful Elke.  When brother Justin turns up, undermining Ed at every turn and embroiling him in a platinum smuggling operation, will he be able to prove his innocence and regain Elke’s love?

Pursuit of Treachery is the first book in the Willjohn series of thriller mysteries.  Chris Dresser brings the stunning scenery and rich history of South Africa to life in this tale of love, loss and deception.

If you enjoyed Wilbur Smith’s Jack Courtney adventures, you’ll love this book.  Download from amazon today clicking on the cover.

Now available in paperback £12.99 ISBN 9781906375102


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The Mixture Varies
Margaret Grant-Smith

For lovers of poetry this eclectic and evocative collection addresses love, loneliness, widowhood and dementia.

Margaret Grant-Smith brings a mixture of emotions to life through her poetry from the haiku and sonnet to prose.  She draws from her life experiences and the various countries she has lived in around the world, painting pictures with words.

Following the success of her poetry being featured in several collections, The Mixture Varies is the first published poetry book by Margaret Grant-Smith. 

Discover this emotive and diverse poetry collection today. Download by clicking on the cover.

The Mixture Varies by Margaret Grant-Smi

Coming November 2025

The Coventry Blitz
Margaret Grant-Smith

The Coventry Blitz by Margaret Grant-Smi

The horrors of the Coventry Blitz brought to life as seen through the eyes of a teenager.

15-year-old Margaret Knight survived the Coventry Blitz (which is more than could be said of her home) to write her account of that fateful night. 

This book also includes a fictional love story, set after the Blitz, against the backdrop of a war-torn city imbued with life from the resilience of its residents.  Will Canadian serviceman, Colin, return from Normandy to make his match with young Lessina?

The city of Coventry, and its new cathedral, rose like a phoenix from the ashes and enjoyed manufacturing success alongside a somewhat fragmented society.  The final section of the book contains familial anecdotes from the Crofts, Knights and Grant-Smiths painting a picture of Coventry’s recent history.

Explore a piece of Coventry’s history today.

Coming September 2024:-

Surviving Treachery
Chris Dresser

While researching one of Apartheid’s worst atrocities, a young journalist is kidnapped and held to ransom. Will her new love rescue her from the clutches of Cape Town’s master criminal?


Photojournalist, Karen Viljoen, returns to her home country of South Africa where her research into the Sharpeville massacre of 1960 leads to some surprising discoveries.  She develops a strong chemistry with Dan, an American conservationist. In a dramatic moment she is kidnapped which he is helpless to prevent.  Will he be able to find her before the worst happens?


Surviving Treachery is the third book in the Willjohn series of thriller mysteries. Chris Dresser guides us through some of the darkest parts of South Africa’s history whilst telling an adventure with hope for the future.


A thrilling read set against the unspoilt scenic wonders of South Africa’s magnificent fold mountains.

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